Because technology impacts us all.

Welcome to the website of Northeastern University - Silicon Valley & San Francisco's Public Interest Technology Student Interest Group (PIT-SIG)!

What is "Public Interest Technology"?

"Public Interest Tech  is an emerging scholarly and professional field that is defined by the deployment of technological expertise in service of the common good, often with a focus on under-resourced communities and needs." (Cornell University)

What does our group do?

We create space for Northeastern University students across all campuses and programs to have conversations about the ways that technology and tech careers cause impact in society. It is open to students from all Northeastern University campuses, and is run by students at the Silicon Valley campus.

Projects and workshops

Our group hosts hackathons and connects students to local projects happening in the community through organizations like Code for San Jose

Sharing career opportunities that benefit society

We regularly host workshops on how to find tech jobs and internships at nonprofits and businesses with a social impact focus

Guest speakers and other events

Last year, we invited acclaimed activist and writer Alok Vaid-Menon to speak with our group about the intersection of trans experiences and technology

PIT-SIG's Student Coordinators

Anna Daccache

Robert "Bobby" Zipp

Join us

Our leadership committee meetings are open to all members of the Northeastern University community. Email Bobby at to receive a Zoom link